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After several months of intermittent development, the third incarnation of my website is now alive! Aside from obvious changes in location and title, the site is now made up of standards-compliant code. Yes, I have grown up from being a this-is-a-nice-technology-i-should-put-it-in-my-website kid (no, I was not exactly a script kiddie.) This website very different from the previous. In fact, only the color scheme gives semblance to its predecessor.

Now, why the new name? Aside from the fact that the old one is so lame (try searching for it and you might find it), I need to find a name that has more impact and will provide an identity (yup, branding 101.) So I decided to name this site, ianalis: geek unwired.

ianalis is the username I have been using ever since. I can’t remember if that was the username I used in my first email address (~1996). I do remember, however, that that is the one I used in my dial-up account when I signed up on 1998. The guy from the ISP gave me that username, and its the combination of my nickname at home and my surname.

~geek?! Yes, I admit that I’m a geek. I am a techie and inherently curious. That’s why I know things most people brand as “geeky.” Note, however, the tilde (~) before the word. In boolean algebra, that denotes the “not” operation. So, I’m not really a geek. šŸ˜‰

What about unwired? You see, I’m a member of the Wireless Technology Research Group of Instru. I wouldn’t want myself to be wired and it does not sound good if I name this ianalis: ~geek wireless. So I chose “unwired.” It might remind you of “unplugged” but I assure you, I have no intention of being a performer.

Heck, this post is already very long so I’ll end it here. Oh, BTW FP.

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