Personal websites target audiences

when creating a personal website, there are at least two target audiences:
1. people who don’t know the author personally
2. people who know the author personally

For most website authors, there are more people in the first type than in the second. For this type of audience, they don’t care what chips the author ate today or who that author’s crush is, which are the common topics of personal blog sites. Rather, this type of visitors are more interested in knowing one’s opinion about a certain topic (for getting the overall sentiments of the public) or on tips on how to work around a bug they encountered. Targetting one’s site for this type of audience can lead to potentially more visits.

More personal topics can be used to target the second audience. Be careful with what you write, however. There are things that are better left off the record and offline. Posting these kind of things might lead to undesirable results. Always remember that it’s harder to take back what you posted.

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