emule.org is not emule!

Damn spoofers! I went to emule.org thinking that it was emule’s website. It really looks like the real site and the homepage’s title says its the official site. When I hovered over the links, however, they point to join.html. Good thing I’m a techie. I wonder what happened to the poor non-techies there who went to that site. Scary thought. Anyway, the official url is emule-project.net. Heck, if only it’s a rich company, they could have sued the spoofers.

In related news, amule.org is down. The homepage says the provider disabled their account because the site uses too much resources. They are asking donations worth 1000 Euros for a dedicated server and 1 yr web hosting. So far, they got 80% of their target. I hope many more will contribute soon. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough money to spare.

UPDATE: It’s now 86%!

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