Python, who art thou, really?

After learning that Python can do publication-quality graphs, I am now very confused on what Python really is. Is it just a scripting language or anything but the kitchen sink? I think I’m going to use it more in the coming days. I hope I would still find a reason to use C++.

One thought on “Python, who art thou, really?

  1. Paddy3118

    Oh its a scripting language all right. People use it to script the interactions of other programs and their are Python graphing modules that encapsulate C/C++ code.

    But scripting languages have a range of talents as you are finding out. Some, such as Python, have a very wide range of uses: from finding all files in a directory tree ending in a number then renaming those files to number +1; to creating a very fast distributed source control system (mercurial); to allowing data-exploration and graphing of huge databases (Scipy).

    Some people prefer to call languages such as Python/Ruby/Perl Dynamic languages to try and cut through others mis-conceptions of their abilities, but scripting is not a dirty word and great things can grow from disparate parts harnessed by a good scripting language like Python.

    – Paddy.


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