On the search for extraterrestrial intelligence

I have been reading the news about the operationalization of the Allen Telescope Array that was formerly the One Hectare Array Telescope (according to wikipedia). This has evoked my opinion regarding the search for ET.

Let me make it clear: the search for ET is not science. It is not science because one cannot disproved the hypothesis from which it is based on, that ET exists. However, among the pseudosciences, it is perhaps the most probable to be proven correct. It is based on a sound foundation, the Drake equation, which, unfortunately, we don’t know the values of the parameters. In fact, if only one does not assume that we are special, the possibility of ET is practically 1. Unfortunately, this paradox is still unresolved.

We don’t have any definite proof that ET intelligence does exist, yet. The sad fact is that it is very much unlikely that we would receive alien communication while not actively listening for it. And so we must listen and wait. Not so much because we would get immediate or even long-term benefits from it, rather, we should listen to give us hope. If that is faith, then that is the only faith I have.

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