Downloadable Fonts, Nostalgia and Frustration

I just saw this comment mentioning downloadable fonts in Slashdot. I did create a font and successfully made it a downloadable font when I was in third year high school. Heck, that’s almost a decade ago! I guess I’m getting old but those were some of my happy times. That’s when I spent the summer vacation learning web technologies like CSS, Javascript, Flash, etc. That’s when I have the time to learn any technology that teases my curiosity. I guess those times have indeed passed. I don’t even have time to appropriately maintain this website and that’s the frustrating part. I have a lot of ideas on how to improve and properly maintain this but I can’t implement them because of time constraints. Frustrating. Very frustrating.

P.S. This thread of comments from the same article is funny. Just follow the comments with karma of at least 4.

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