Site Resurrection Call for Help

As expected, recreating lost posts is not easy. So far, I have only resurrected two posts: A chance at socialization and Origin of God – Douglas Adams. They are not perfect recreations because I’m not sure if they were the exact title and I’m not sure of the date of the former.

The following are the posts that I recalled are missing:

  • Post about truth or epistemology. I can’t remember the exact topic but I posted a philosophical question that, at first look, might be interpreted against Science or rational thinking. In the end, it says that knowing the exact answer to the question is not important since we can still do Science even if we don’t know the answer. Belatedly, I’ve learned that it’s related to logical positivism.
  • Pale Blue Dot
  • R.I.P., Doggie (haha)
  • One line calculator
  • The meaning of success by Ralph Waldo Emerson as adapted by Serway, the Physics book author (I’m not sure if I posted this before)

I also have to resurrect four comments (I only have the full texts of two), update my About pages and add two blogs to my blogroll. I can only write blog posts only if I am the mood to write. Unfortunately for me, the Muses do not visit me at the right time. If only the thoughts in my head can automatically be posted, I could have a new post every few minutes or hours. Since that’s not possible yet, I would like to ask your help.

Please help me by telling me if I missed a post, sending me a copy or excerpt of the original (which I doubt), sending me the original permalink or telling me the original title or date of posting.


3 thoughts on “Site Resurrection Call for Help

  1. ianalis Post author

    Mabuhay ka Atchong at sa kung sino man ang indirectly nagsubmit sa site ko sa Wayback Machine! I can now recreate almost all of my posts because of this page.

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