Outgoing mail now works

I have successfully set up my PC to send outgoing mail. It’s quite easy really, in retrospect. The main purpose of the outgoing mail system is to send email notifications from this website. I first thought of using Gmail’s smtp service. I looked for a setting in WordPress that would allow me to change the smtp server that it uses but there was none. WordPress uses PHP’s mail capability and so I tried to modify php.ini. Unfortunately, the relevant section, mail function, is usable only for Win32. Only the sendmail_path key can be changed in Unix, which takes me to setting up Postfix. There’s a tutorial how to set up Gmail as relay server but, aside from being long, it probably won’t work for dynamic DNS. Based on a suggestion, I just used my ISP’s SMTP server as relay server. After some quick tweaking and testing, the relevant postfix main.cf settings are:

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