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While Bicolanos suffered, their congressmen debated –

While Bicolanos suffered, their congressmen debated – I’m not sure if the author knows this but there are Bicolano congressmen who are very much connected with Cha-cha.  One of the infamous Con-ass proponents, (Dis)Hon. Villafuerte is our Congressman or District (supposedly) Representaive.  Meanwhile, the House Minority Leader is Cong…. Read more »

Stop tagging me!

ianalis   November 3, 2006   No Comments on Stop tagging me!

Social networking sites are fine in that it “expands” your social sphere and allows you to “meet” new friends but I prefer not to join any. It’s reeking with privacy issues.  Yes, it makes meeting new friends easier but it also makes stalking you easier.  Take that from a self-confessed… Read more »