Installing Maple 11 Linux

Apparently, Maple has problems installing in newer systems. Fortunately, I have successfully installed it in my Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring thanks to the heads up in Thomas Themel’s blog. Here’s how: Run the Maple installer with debugging output.$ bash -x installMapleLinuxSU Look for the following relevant lines: … + CLASSPATH=/tmp/install.dir.15592/InstallerData:/tmp/install.dir.15592/InstallerData/… Read more »

While Bicolanos suffered, their congressmen debated –

While Bicolanos suffered, their congressmen debated – I’m not sure if the author knows this but there are Bicolano congressmen who are very much connected with Cha-cha.  One of the infamous Con-ass proponents, (Dis)Hon. Villafuerte is our Congressman or District (supposedly) Representaive.  Meanwhile, the House Minority Leader is Cong…. Read more »

High resolution tracking of mobile agents by electromagnetic time­-reversal techniques

Time reversal (TR) technique involves recording the signal received from transceivers and playing it backwards for it to refocus back to the source. In this paper, we demonstrate by numerical simulation, the feasibility of tracking a mobile agent indoors using time­-reversal of electromagnetic waves. We put a beacon at the… Read more »